Sport981 are UK leaders in integrated performance training services for professional athletes, clubs and organisations. Our integrated performance methodology has been used to consistently advance the key winning attributes of high performance athletes, in combination with their technical and tactical development.

Sport981 Integrated Performance System:

Developed through input from our own visible experts, world leading practitioners, research, and Sport981 experience, our integrated performance system has allowed us to advance how athletes are prepared physically for high performance sport. We work differently, consistently creating high performing, highly resilient and robust athletes. Our system, evolved over the preceding 20 years, integrates three components in varying degrees to completely meet the needs of our clients:

  • Innovation and Solutions Team

The Sport981 innovation and solutions team is a unique group of individuals, spanning specialisms in different areas of performance sport with one purpose; to understand what you need as an individual, club, or organisation, and provide a road map of support to ensure that you achieve your aims. Our solutions team recognise that you are the expert in your context and will have your own unique challenges when trying to optimise performance preparation. Using our solutions team, our integrated performance systems are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

  • Sport981 Methodology

There is no one formula for success in high performance sport and the decision making process around which method to use, is as important as the method itself. We develop independent thinkers that can problem-solve and make effective decisions as part of an interdisciplinary approach. The Sport981 methodology has evolved through working with all sports at all levels and has been tried and tested on 1000’s of athletes. We understand the intricate balance between physical, technical, and tactical development, which increases in complexity in highly technical sports. Our training programmes are designed to achieve the correct balance of these components and are governed by the athlete’s stage of development, in addition to the unique demands of their specific sport. The Sport981 methodology underpins our competency framework and ensures our practitioners can seamlessly integrate our delivery skills into an existing team, in addition to bringing experts in the field of coaching to develop the qualities your athletes need to win more.

  • Sport981 Competency Framework

There is huge competency variation in our field but we can ensure a consistent standard of excellence across our business. The Sport981 competency framework was developed to ensure that all sport981 practitioners are competent to the standard required to make a difference. All of our staff believe in our principles of performance, understand our methodology, and are competent to deliver the service that meets the needs of our clients. Our Integrated Strength and Conditioning certification is the first stage of our competence framework and central to our practitioner development. From our innovations and solutions team to our coaching delivery teams, the Sport981 competency framework ensures that we get results at every step of the journey.


constantly evolving

Since our inception in 2004, the Sport981 Performance Team have impacted the performance results of thousands of athletes, from those involved in talent development programmes through to Olympic athletes, World Champions, and professional athletes competing on the World stage. In the relentless pursuit of performance enhancement that truly changes winning potential, our integrated performance system will continue to evolve to ensure we continue to exceed the expectations of athletes, clubs and organisations, generating results that count.

For more information on how the Sport981 integrated performance system could benefit your career, club, or organisation, please contact 0115 9654841 to speak with a member of the performance team