Advanced Certificates – Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

The NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES) Advanced Specialisation was developed in response to the growing need for professionals to assist clients and athletes experiencing musculoskeletal impairments, muscle imbalances or rehabilitation concerns.

The Course

With eleven modules of information on important corrective exercise topics such as movement assessments, inhibitory techniques, muscle activation techniques and common musculoskeletal impairments, the CES training course arms professionals with the most innovative education tools and techniques for optimal results.

All of our Corrective Exercise Specialisation (NASM-CES) courses are taught by experienced Sport981 tutor coaches, who use the CES knowledge on a daily basis with clients from all walks of life as well as part of multidisciplinary backroom staff (physiotherapist, sports doctors, and complimentary health care specialists such as chiropractors and osteopaths) approach to developing athletic performance and reducing injury potential.

This extensive experience is used to bring the material to life in our workshop environments to ensure that you get the very best practical skills to be able to use with your clients straight away

The Market

Increasing your professional potential is easy when you look at the condition of individuals around the world. Statistics have shown the overwhelming need for health and fitness professionals to obtain the knowledge, skills and abilities to work with clients who suffer from musculoskeletal impairments.

Today, injuries have placed enormous strains on individuals entering the health clubs and competing within the sports arena. Some statistics:

• Low back pain affects nearly 80 percent of adults.

• Musculoskeletal symptoms of knee, shoulder and foot/ankle pain are the number-two reason individuals seek out physicians (US statistics).

The Potential

By gaining advanced injury prevention and recovery knowledge, you place yourself among top professionals, on a career path that leads to professional success through expansive professional capabilities, increased revenue generating potential through untapped markets inside and out of the clubs, as well as reaching a benchmark of educational excellence in the health and fitness industry.

The NASM-CES not only provides you with cutting-edge, scientifically-valid education, but provides applicable corrective exercise techniques and programming using the proprietary OPT™ model. The NASM-OPT™ model allows you to take away the guess work of exercise programming, guiding you step-by-step through clinically-proven exercise programs.

The NASM-CES integrates the science and the solutions for optimal injury prevention and recovery success!

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Enquiries or Questions

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