Foundation Workshops – Athletic Development

Sport has progressed to a point where the smallest margins can make the biggest difference. Whether it is half a second or half a metre, athletes who are trained to be more explosive, faster, more agile with faster reaction times have the opportunity to excel.

Regardless of the athlete the human body can be trained to be faster and more responsive. Reactivity, Speed, Agility and Quickness training holds the key to success in many sports and combined with an understanding of flexibility and the core and balance mechanisms you will be ready to give your athletes a complete performance package.

Who is it aimed at:

This course is appropriate for NGB certified sports coaches and individuals with REPS Level 2 qualifications who have completed the:

• Sport981 Injury prevention and performance preparation

• Sport981 Challenging the core and balance mechanisms to enhance movement

Workshop Content: 

Candidates attending this workshop will gain practical experience of progressive exercises which can be used to improve your athletes’ performance.

After completing the workshop candidates will understand:

  • The purpose and application of reactive training
  • How to increase the rate of force production and movement velocity
  • Reactive training guidelines
  • Improving ‘playing speed’ through speed, agility and quickness training

If this workshop does not meet your exact requirements please contact us and we will develop a course specific to your needs.