Foundation Workshops – Core and Balance

Developing stability of the core and training the body in an unstable environment creates muscular and neural adaptations which have a direct impact on an athlete’s performance. Most sports require an individual to produce fast and explosive movements but unless they have stability and control of movement they will never reach their potential.

The body’s core and balance systems work together to enable the production of controlled and dynamic movements. The effective functioning of these systems are key components in speed and reactive development and also support injury prevention.

Who is it aimed at:

This course is appropriate for NGB certified sports coaches and individuals with REPS Level 2 qualifications who have completed:

Sport981 Injury prevention and performance preparation

Workshop Content:

This workshop introduces progressive and innovative core and balance training techniques.

After completing the workshop candidates will:

  • Understand the role of the core stabilisation and movement systems in performance enhancement
  • Understand the neural adaptations achieved through balance training and the effect on athlete performance
  • Have practical experience of progressive core and balance exercises appropriate for a range of ability levels
  • If this workshop does not meet your exact requirements please contact us and we will develop a course specific to your needs.