Foundation Workshops – Effective Force Transference

Transferring force throughout the body is a crucial athletic quality. In fact, transferring force throughout the body is a crucial human quality.

This workshop will look at the neuromuscular actions required to effectively transfer force from the feet to the hands and from the hands to the feet.  In doing so, the progressive exercises used within this workshop can be used with any athlete to enhance a range of performance qualities including speed, power, endurance, and efficiency.


  • Scientific rationale governing efficiency of transfer
  • Practical coaching surrounding each stage of development in order to achieve a performance enhancement effect

Coaches will be able to

  • Be able to competently demonstrate exercises within each key stage of transfer development.
  • Be able to observe gross optimal and dysfunctional movement behaviours in athletes.
  • Be able to competently coach each stage of transference to a wide audience of participants to enhance performance.