Foundation Workshops – Injury Prevention

Knowing how to effectively prepare athletes for training and competition is something many coaches and trainers overlook.

However understanding this key concept will not only reduce your athlete’s risk of injury but actually provide the cornerstone to all performance enhancements.

Athletes who have an increased range of movement developed using progressive integrated flexibility training will be able to run faster, react quicker, jump higher and spend less time sidelined through injury.

Who is it aimed at:

This course is appropriate for NGB certified sports coaches and individuals with REPS Level 2 qualifications.

Workshop Content:

This workshop introduces the concepts and application of Self Myofasical Release (SMR), Static, and Dynamic Flexibility.

After completing the workshop candidates will:

  • Understand the importance of flexibility training in injury prevention and performance preparation
  • Understand the principles of SMR, static, and dynamic flexibility training
  • Be able to coach SMR, static stretching and dynamic flexibility techniques
  • Understand how and when to implement flexibility training
  • If this workshop does not meet your exact requirements please contact us and we will develop a course specific to your needs.