Foundation Workshops – Movement Essentials

Exercise is movement. We move slowly for extended periods of time and we call it endurance exercise. We move heavy weight and its known as strength training. When we move fast we term it speed training.

Movement is the fundamental building block of exercise. This workshop will look at movement uncomplicated by specific skill so that we can grasp the very important aspect of what our athletes movement capacity is really like, and what implications that may mean for coaching and performance enhancement.


The building blocks of movement
Basic screening interventions
Implications of dysfunctional movement to performance and current performance enhancement training used within strength and conditioning

Coaches will be able to:

  • Understand and identify gross limitations within global movement patterns
  • Understand the integration of strength and conditioning coaching into the technical training means of the sport
  • Understand how strength and conditioning can be used to enhance movement and therefore exercise trainability.
  • Understand how strength and conditioning can aid technical development and motor learning.