Foundation Workshops – Performance Preparation

Some of the most impacting, progressive, high performance changes you can achieve in programming and for your athletes can also be the easiest to get right.

Within this workshop, you will be introduced to key stages of training that will prepare your body to move more athletically, learn technical skills more proficiently, lift heavier, jump higher, and sprint faster.

Getting this part of your training and coaching working well is a true game changer for productive, long term, injury free, high performing athletes.


Scientific rationale for performance preparation
Performance preparation, its role in long term athletic development and athletic success
Practical coaching surrounding each stage of preparation in order to achieve a performance enhancement effect

Coaches will be able to:

  • Design performance preparation sessions for a wide range of sports, ages and abilities.
  • Be able to competently demonstrate exercises within each key stage of performance preparation.
  • Be able to observe gross optimal and dysfunctional movement behaviours in athletes.
  • Be able to competently coach each stage of performance preparation to a wide audience of participants to enhance performance.