Foundation Workshops – Programme Design

There are many ways to develop a strength and conditioning programme using a combination of exercises but in order to maximise it’s effectiveness you need to consider the acute variables. In order to get the desired training adaptation a successful coach will need to manipulate exercise tempos, rest periods, repetitions, sets and most importantly exercise progression.

An athlete’s body will continually adapt to the stresses placed upon it so the priority in gaining long term performance improvements is to implement a structured and progressive programme.

Through this workshop Sport981 will show you how to do this using the latest scientific research based on proven results.

Who is it aimed at:

This course is appropriate for NGB certified sports coaches and individuals with REPS Level 2 qualifications who have completed the:

Sport981 Injury prevention and performance preparation
Sport981 Challenging the core and balance mechanisms to enhance movement
Sport981 Athletic Development: Reactivity, speed, agility and quickness

Workshop Content:

This workshop reviews the key principles of flexibility, core, balance, reactivity, speed, agility and quickness with the focus on how these elements of training can be used and applied to develop an effective programme.

After completing the workshop candidates will understand:

  • The key principles of flexibility, core, balance, reactivity and speed, agility and quickness
  • The key acute variables in programme design enabling the development of an effective programme
  • How to integrate a strength and conditioning programme into technical sessions
  • If this workshop does not meet your exact requirements please contact us and we will develop a course specific to your needs.