IDC – Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club

Learn and develop career based skills as a professional strength and conditioning coach through a one year Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club (NCCC).

This is a fantastic opportunity for the successful candidates to;

  • Shadow and learn from  leading  UK  strength  and  conditioning  professionals and Outlaws squad coaches at the  famous Trent  Bridge  Cricket Ground in Nottingham.
  • Enhance your understanding of how maturation affects training developments and long term athletic development of academy players.
  • Appreciate the technical/physical cross-over of match-based scenarios and skill acquisition in this highly  biomechanically demanding sport .
  • Enhance your ability to assess and programme effective long term changes and  performance enhancement  strategies with senior and academy squads.
  • Understand and practise the art of coaching by challenging yourself to implement exercise strategies by working with academy and senior squad players.
  • Learn  and  become  qualified  with  the  highest  regarded  qualifications  in  the  health  and  fitness  industry  and  strength  and  conditioning  industry.
  • Enhance your  CV and improve future employability.

Unrivalled mentoring and education support


Each student will have the opportunity to gain a close working relationship with the lead coach as group numbers are kept small. On site personalised mentoring will take place on a weekly basis and at the culmination of each term each student will receive a feedback session detailing successes and areas for on-going development as part of the wider development process.

30 Advanced Sport981 Workshops

Beginning where the knowledge and skills of the certifications end, these advanced workshops are firmly established as the ‘core’ component within the overall development of our aspiring coaches. A staggering 30 two hour workshops have been developed specifically to target key attributes and skills, which we believe are essential in the pursuit of becoming a well-rounded and successful strength and conditioning coach. Each small group workshop has been strategically placed within a syllabus so that they run in line with certification content to complement learning as a progressive way to continue building on your prior acquired knowledge. Topics and skills development in the latest methodologies associated with strength, speed, endurance, and movement are covered in depth, in addition to a host of additional specialist subjects such as LTAD, prehab and late stage rehab applications.

National Academy of Sports Medicine certificates;

Certified personal trainer (NASM CPT)

Performance enhancement specialist (NASM PES)

Corrective exercise specialist (NASM CES)

UK Strength and Conditioning Association Accreditation

(Recognised by TASS and English Institute of Sport and many

professional teams)

UKSCA Olympic lifting workshop (2 Days)

UKSCA Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCC) Assessment

Location Details

Your applied conditioning and all workshops will be based onsite at

Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club, Trent Bridge, NOTTINGHAM, NG2 6AG

The venue for the UKSCA workshop and accreditation day is yet to be arranged, but will require travel. Your travel cost and accommodation if required is not covered in the course costs.


The programme is split into four terms.

Pre-term development/education days: Sat 19th, Sat 26th October and weekend 2nd, 3rd November.

Term one: Monday 4th November – Friday 20th December

Term two: Thursday 6rd January – Friday 4th April (Half Term 14th to 21st Feb)

Term three: Monday 21st April – Wednesday 9th July (Half Term 23rd to 30th June)

Term Four: (distance learning and UKSCA course attendance only). Both UKSCA courses are to be completed by October 2014.

A core of 4 to 6 hours per week per term is expected. This may be a mixture of early morning, afternoon or evening conditioning sessions and workshops Some work may be required for short periods out of term time for course exams, workshops and additional opportunities.

To enhance learning and maximise the application of course text it is assumed all candidates will allocate additional time to distance learning/self study periods.

Education and Support Fees

Fees  can  be  paid  in  full, or in  manageable  instalments  throughout  the  course  duration.  Course  fees  include  all  workshops, course  materials, mentoring, assessments and exams.

Instalment option:

Deposit – 4th Oct £ 2000

Instalment One – 16th Dec £ 1100

Instalment Two – 17th Mar £ 800

Instalment Three – 16th June £ 500

Total education fees £ 4400 

For an informal discussion and further information contact sport981 on 0115 9654841 or email

Important Information:-

Successful candidates notified: Friday 27th September

Course enrolment date: Monday 4th October

Introduction morning: Saturday 19th October

Term workshops, mentoring and official practical experience starts: Monday 4th November. (Please see ‘hours’ for terms dates and pre term education days)

Enrolment onto the IDC Internship, would assume all coaching experience related activities are voluntary and non paid. They are provided as an opportunity to apply guided theoretical knowledge to live environments, build coaching skills and gain feedback from your course mentors.