IDC Questions & Answers

IDC Internship Questions and Answers

Ever year were asked a wide variety of questions regarding the IDC internship, and rightly so. Your choice of development and the potential direction your chosen path leads is immensely important, it must be the right step for you. We have listed some of the more common questions below, however if you cannot find what you are looking for or would rather speak to someone please don’t hessitate to give us a call!

Can I apply for more than one of the programmes?

Yes. You can apply for more than one of the programmes. If this is the case, we would need to know which ones you would like to be considered for. Your application would be put forward to the one with the earliest closing date. In the event that you are offered a place, you would have to decide if you would like to accept the offer before attending another interview for another venue. Places cannot be held open.

Do I need to relocate?

There is no hard or fast rule, as this is dependent on an individual’s own circumstances. However the internship programme is designed to offer as much practical experience as possible and in order to take full advantage of extra hours of delivery that could be on offer, it is useful to live within easy travelling distance.

Can I get work after this IDC internship?

Sports performance is a very enjoyable industry to work within, it’s fast paced, rewarding but incredibly competitive. The internship programme is set out to provide the training, guidance, skills sets, experience and professional qualifications to boost you into the industry. While we cannot make any promises for jobs in the areas in which you would like to work, individuals that have completed this programme have been very successful in moving straight into paid roles. To succeed you need to strive to be the best and its not about simply collecting certificates for a CV or passing a few courses. Those that make it are driven, they live it and breath it. This is not an industry that comes to you. We can give you the tools, support and guidance, but you have to apply them.

What are the fees for?

This is a heavily discounted cost to cover the 30 advanced workshops, 3 International certifications and exams, mentoring, UKSCA membership, workshops and final UKSCA accreditation day.

Why is there an interview?

The interview is required to assess your current abilities and the suitability of the programme for your current needs. Interviewees are all assessed to standardised criteria.

Why are pre-requisite qualifications required?

These are required as a standard of prior learning to ensure candidates can cope with the level of education provided through the advanced workshops. To provide a rough guide to the level of workshop depth, 3 universities have wanted to accredit this programme as a master’s degree.

What do i need to do to pass the interview?

The interview is about identifying the suitability of the course structure to your current abilities and needs. You are not applying for work, but a system of learning and development. Therefore its not about passing, its about identifying a suitable path for your ongoing development, so be honest, be open, we need to make sure this experience is something that will benefit you.

Should i do this programme or masters degree?

This is a personal decision. Individuals should consider their own strengths and weaknesses and their own work related ambitions. This programme is not simply academic; it is practically biased aiming to enable individuals to apply the learnt text in both team and individual environments under professional guidance.

Are you mentored on the IDC internship programme?

Yes, numbers on each programme are very limited. You will be with a very small handpicked group of individuals of similar ability. Your coaches and tutors will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses on the field and in the workshops and be able to support your ongoing development throughout the programme.

How many hours per week will i be at the club/training venue?

The programme is centred around high intensity downloads of knowledge through a 2 hour weekly workshop or weekend course and the opportunity to experience its application in a live sporting professional environment. To ensure the best learning experience we advise that you attend 4-6 hrs of practically applied conditioning through the week. This experience is voluntary and it is likely that this time will be blocked together to reduce your travel costs and also increase opportunity for a balanced work and a social life outside of the club. As with all development programmes, you should however expect to apply additional time outside of these hours for your own studies and practice.

Can I study a degree (BSc) or masters degree (MSc) at the same time?

Generally speaking, the volume, level of learning and academic input discussed and applied throughout the internship is a big step up for most graduating from university with a BSc . Whilst we are confident in helping you learn and apply this knowledge, it would not be conducive to your development or socio-economic balance to attempt to complete both pathways at the same time. Our advice…. focus your development on one or the other.

Can I get a part time job to work along side?

The programme has been carefully planned to allow a balanced socio-economic environment. While developing your skills with us, we actively promote candidates seek work roles within the health, fitness and coaching sectors. Many candidates undertake work as personal trainers whilst others have been able to take on employed work within professional academies whilst still developing further with us.

What happens if i need to miss a scheduled experience session?

The programme delivery is dependent upon qualified internal staff and so your absence will not impact the programme, your attendance is voluntary. However, the internship programme is specifically designed and planned to maximise your learning. A certain amount of flexibility does exist and so if you are aware of an upcoming date that clashes with a session, we will do our best
to accommodate your requirement so you don’t loose out on valuable development time. If you can’t attend a session, we only ask that you contact your S&C lead/tutor to notify them of your absence as professional courtesy.

Do I get paid?

In short no. This programme is an educational pathway with work placement experience and should not be confused with work. It is however unlike others courses, internships, apprenticeships, or programmes in the UK as we provide a programme that’s very heavily focussed on your development. Every situation you encounter, from workshops, to mentoring and practical delivery is planned and your attendance voluntary. You will not be spending your time doing remedial tasks, inputting data, taking urine samples, collecting cones and generally working for free in areas that have no bearing on your development. You are not here to give your time for the benefit of others, you are here to learn, gain guidance on developing your skill sets and whilst working towards professional qualifications/certifications/accreditations.

Will I get hands on experience with players?

Yes. From day one your characteristics and key qualities of a coach will be developed, which means you will be getting your hands dirty. This element of your training is very much personalised depending on your background experience. For example, those coming straight from an academic only pathway, BSc or Mres etc will require different development and guidance to someone who has come from a practically orientated background. Delivery is therefore always under the direct supervision and guidance of the S&C lead. You will not be expected nor ever asked to conduct sessions on your own. Every element of practical delivery will be met with guidance and feedback types to help improve your skill sets as a coach to communicate and apply scientifically accurate training effectively.

Can I opt out of the programme at any point, and can i have a refund?

At the beginning of the programme during the interview process, we are very keen to identify and take on individuals who are committed and dedicated to learning and developing. A lot of time, effort, planning and upfront costs go into the internship programme to allow development of each candidate, of which there are set numbers for each intake. You are enrolling and booking one place on an education based development programme for a set fee, just as you would on any other education course or certification. You may leave at any point however you will be liable for the full programme costs.

What qualifications do I get?

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
UKSCA Accreditation
All qualifications are earned upon passing set exams and assessments.

Does Sport981 or our partners currently employ past interns?

To date, 15 interns have been offered paid work by either ourselves or partnering performance clubs with many more gaining work outside of our network. However, please note that this programme does not form any guarantee for work with ourselves or partners. It is set up for your learning and development to open doors into the industry.