Keiser Partner with Sport981

Keiser have partnered with sport981 to provide you with age and sport specific reconditioning and performance enhancement advice so that you can get the best from your keiser equipment and athletes alike.

Individualising an athletes performance programme is a cornerstone to achieving optimum function, performance and sports specific skill adaptation responses.

No where is this more apparent than in reconditioning and performance enhancement arenas where the margin for error is so small, yet you are required to continually support athletes to perform, recover and adapt. A coaches ability to maximise the training environment is key to developing successful performance adaptations across the breadth of player requirements throughout the long term athlete development process and during the professional athletes career.

‘12-16 year old male, and 11-15 year old female training periods represent critical or sensitive periods of physical and skill development. Athletes who miss this stage of training will never reach their full potential regardless of the remedial programmes they may participate in’

(SportMap 2001. A blue print for sport excellence. Vancouver, Pacific Sport)
In response to the ever growing demand placed on athlete and coach, Keiser have developed the infinity and keiser rack equipment ranges;

Infinity Series – As the name suggests, these multifunctional machines can be used for an unlimited range of exercises from corrective exercise and reconditioning routines post season to highly sport and position specific performance training.

Keiser Racks – Allows users to train at any speed, from controlled to explosive, for improved strength and power development.
To maximise the effectiveness of the keiser equipment in your quest to individualise and develop, sport981 will tailor make a workshop to suit your specific needs, wants, age and training focus so that you receive the most pertinent information to aid in your ability to use Keiser.

Examples of subject matter that has been used in previous environments:

  • Review of Kinetic chain principles as they pertain to the use of keiser equipment
  • Practical exercise instruction and discussion around the use of keiser equipment to advance local and global
  • stabilisation and movement mechanisms to aid in reconditioning and performance development.
  • Practical application of Keiser pneumatic technology to foster peak strength and peak speed velocity through
  • adolescent windows of opportunity
  • Practical ideas of rotational power development for throwing and striking athletes

To find out how the Sport981 Keiser performance development service could be tailored to suite your specific requirements, please contact our performance team for further information.