Secrets From The Track – Effective Warm-up. P1

Here is the first post in this series based all around warming up. Whether you are a coach, athlete or recreational exerciser, hopefully there will be something for you in this series to not only get you thinking, but, more importantly, get you doing as well.
So some of the questions I would like to pose to you all today (and subsequently answer in the coming weeks) are: 

– What are you actually trying to achieve when you/your athletes warm up?
– Why are you including/excluding certain stretches, exercises or drills?
– And if you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing then how do you know it will improve performance?

All too often the warm up is a forgotten part of a performance programme; athletes just warm up because they know they should. The warm up can be used to improve numerous aspects of performance. The warm up should be used to target athlete specific imperfections and make a change to enable them to ultimately improve the quality of movement, improving efficiency and outcome of performance. Over the next few weeks we will investigate the rationales behind warming up looking at the science of why we are doing it? Once the knowledge is there we will help you to apply it with some great exercise ideas with practical demonstrations and coaching tips to get the most out of your warm ups.