Secrets From The Track – Effective Warm-up.P4a


So you have picked up all the knowledge over the last few posts: now we just need to get the athletes to engage with the warm up; let them see how they have an opportunity to change their movement behaviours to enable optimal performance levels. Athletes need to feel the change during a warm up, they need to know they have altered their muscles/ movement patterns for the better.
So over the next few video posts we will be building up the exercises of this short warm up I like to use pre running/ plyometric training. Give it a go and give us your feedback on how you find it!

We will start with the general warm up exercises.
– Heel to toe walks 10 each side
(high knee at the front, pull toes up to shin, balance on the toes)
– Double leg hip bridges 10
(feet in close, push hips up as high as possible using glutes)
– Wide stance squats 10
(try to keep feet parallel and drive knees out over the feet to increase hip stabilisation, if overhead arms is too tough try hands on hips then hands on head then up to overhead position)
– Mountain climbers to upper body rotation 10 each way
(from a press up position step left foot forwards to outside the hands, lift right hand off floor and rotate out taking right hand up to the ceiling trying to stack the shoulders vertically)
– Laying rotation 10 each way
(laying on back arms out to side, lift one leg with 90 degree knee angle take leg over body trying to reach knee up towards opposite arm, keep shoulders on the floor)
– Step out and back lunges 10 forwards 10 lateral on each leg
(don’t let the lower back arch keep hips tucked under using glutes and ‘drawing in’ core)
– Single leg arabesque (T balance) 10 each leg
(keeping standing leg straight, lower down slowly to a T position and use glutes to drive back up)