Strength and Conditioning Coaching for Juniors P1

The upcoming mini-series is tailored towards S&C coaches, fitness professionals and sports coaches.

Elite sport demands exceptional qualities. Exceptional tactical intention, exceptional technical execution, and coupled with that the ability to express these qualities with an ever higher physical demand, be it faster, stronger or for longer.

As the bar continues to raise skyward to become an elite professional athlete, governing bodies and parents alike are beginning to take youth training more seriously. In fact as a result youth training has experienced somewhat of an explosion of interest in recent years. Following this trend, the younger age group of 12 and under appears set to follow suit. It is this early developmental age that this series of posts aims to discuss. More specifically, how do you actually successfully coach this age group?

To begin to shed light on the outcomes of coaching, we first must make tentative steps in understanding the developmental sequences that occur with younger athletes. Although this is merely a snippet of a very complicated process, we hopefully will form some foundational understanding for the coaching decisions we need to make.