Strength and Conditioning Coaching for Juniors P3

Coordination is king!
Given the developmental approach highlighted in post 2 (neural stimulation is crucial to effectively develop pre-pubescent athletes), strength and conditioning coaches need to take a different approach/mindset to the more traditional qualities associated with athletic performance. Qualities such as;

– Mobility

– Endurance

– Strength

– Speed

– Power

The backbone behind the qualities mentioned, taking into account the age group is COORDINATION.

Co-ordination to express ever more complex movements at varying reactive based situations to succeed and enjoy the skill that they are doing.

The co-ordination at this early age is purposefully unspecialised for the majority (exceptions being early specialisation sport!). We are looking to co-ordinate as many patterns as possible to widen the scope for as broad a basis for more specialised specific sporting actions in the future.

So if co-ordination is the foundation, and we are not thinking about traditional strength and conditioning qualities, what do we need to think about?

To start with begin to think outside the box! try creating drills and patterns that begin to challenge the following:

– Balance

– Rhythm

– Spatial orientation

– Reacting to varying degrees of visual and auditory stimulus