Strength and Conditioning Education Only Course

S&C Instructor Development CourseEducation Only

Utilising our successful educational material that forms the backbone of the IDC Internship the educational IDC is all 30 advanced workshops, weekend intensive study sessions, the NASM CPT, PES and CES certifications as well as a host of online materials and practice exams split into 3 modules, without the need for practical work experience.

Specifically designed in response to requests from coaches, the educational IDC has been purposely constructed to allow individuals the flexibility to study what they require at times that fit with work and financial commitments.

Sport981’s no compromising ethos of application focused education has resulted in 3 developmental modules. Each module builds sequentially on the material preceding it and allows coaches to acquire practical competency in key strength and conditioning areas.

Although we most often recommend all 3 terms to best prepare and develop coaches in strength and conditioning (as this has seen the best uptake into professional roles), you can ultimately choose what modules and in what order you gain your application focused knowledge. Please call the office to discuss your needs and we will be happy to advise you on how to go about the educational courses.

The educational pathway contains/consists of:

3 terms

3 world class certifications NASM CPT, PES, CES

3 core text books

Online video tutorials

Online content and practice exams

30 practically driven advanced workshops

3 Performance testing and re-testing sessions

Sport981 Learner achievement portfolio

Module one/term one

Module one represents the first steps onto the IDC pathway and builds the foundational knowledge and practical competency in a number of key strength and conditioning areas. Technical proficiency in compound lifts such as the back squat, front squat and dead lift, as well as foundational competency in the clean and snatch Olympic lifts coupled with observational skill and interpretation, are just some of the high lights. This term includes the internationally recognised Certified Personal Trainer Certification from NASM.

Module two/term two

Building on the knowledge formed in term one, text and practical application focus more heavily on the specifics of performance, covering topics such as acceleration and max velocity, agility, quickness, LTAD, periodisation and a closer look at the muscular slings and biomechanics of efficient movement and performance. In addition to the advanced 2 hour workshops, this term includes the internationally recognised Performance Enhancement Specialist Certification from NASM.

Module three/term three

To tie everything together, your third term concludes with an in depth look at efficient movement pattern optimisation. Here we delve deep into the tissues and joints to identify muscle imbalances, and biomechanical inefficiencies and corrective strategies to assist in optimal sports performance. This term is very heavy on functional anatomy and physiology and a very powerful tool in the areas of pre-hab, late stage rehab and high end performance enhancement. In addition to the Sport981 advanced workshops this module also includes the internationally recognised Corrective Exercise Specialist Course from NASM.

Please view the Team Durham and Nottingham Trent University Course pages for more information on hours, term times, pre requisite qualifications and how to enrol or call in to the office and speak to one of the performance team.