Strength and Conditioning Internships

The ‘Strength and Conditioning Internship Programme’ is a fast track one year coach development initiative with advanced education support.

It is designed for athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, sports professionals and degree graduates who are looking to develop a career as a strength and conditioning coach and have aspirations to work with players from academy and performance pathway through to professional and Olympic level athletes.

This Internship Programme is like no other in the UK. Based within a professional sports club or institute you will be gaining experience with elite and professional players and athletes, be immersed in the very best and latest cutting edge information, internationally recognised certifications, practical application skills and hands on experience that are required to perform to the highest of industry levels, all whist achieving a balanced social and work life.

“definitely worth it! I have learnt more in my first six months than in three years of uni. Thanks!”

All at Sport981 are dedicated to achieve the highest standards of training and development for our athletes and fellow professionals who choose to learn with us. Throughout the  internship programme duration you will walk the footsteps of a professional S&C coach, learn behind the scenes with theory, planning, preparation and backroom staff communications, get physical applying hands on training methodology with players and squads, evaluate sessions and athlete performance. Throughout every step of the internship programme, your mentors will be on hand to guide you and provide the most up to date, scientifically accurate, application focused training available.

“tutors have limitless knowledge and have the answers to all S&C questions. Amazing”

This is a fantastic opportunity for the successful candidates to;

  • Learn and become qualified with the highest regarded qualifications in the health and fitness industry and strength and conditioning industry
  • Work alongside and learn from leading UK strength and conditioning professionals, sports physiotherapists, and sports science teams
  • Develop technical and practical conditioning skills through working hands on with elite, professional, and performance pathway athletes.
  • Learn skills to develop and deliver strength and conditioning/educational/practical workshops to coaches, athletes and other instructors
  • Enhance your CV and future employability through increased work experience and advanced conditioning certifications.

“Overall Sport981have the most effective structure in place for pupils to achieve employment in the S&C industry”

Here at sport981, were tremedously proud of our candidates achievements and the developments that they have been able to make throughout their chosen programmes. It really is a privadge working with driven individuals who have the passion and drive to aspire to be the best. Heres a sample of what our interns are saying,

Impressive course, thorough content, very interesting – Matt Coultas, Team Durham

I was really lucky to find out about this course, definite career pathway opportunities – Kate Palmer, Nottingham Trent University

I would recommend this course to anyone instead of university – Tom Ainsley, Sheffield Eagles

A great experience and stepping stone into the industry – James Walsh, Sheffield Eagles

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekly workshop and practical sessions, gained the experience that is required in this profession – Neil Damerell, MyTennis

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, help from coaches, tutors etc has been fantstic – Kris Allen, Team Durham

Highly reccomend this course to others – Ed Parker, MyTennis