Team Durham IDC (education only)

Accelerate your learning, and advance your career with cutting edge tools, tips, techniques and applications for the aspiring S&C coach through this  “education only” Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Durham University.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the successful candidates to;

  • Learn from leading UK strength and conditioning professionals
  • Develop advanced technical and practical conditioning skills
  • Learn and become qualified with the highest regarded qualifications in the health and fitness and strength and conditioning industries.
  • Develop your physical and technical application by training in Team Durhams High Performance Centre. A facility dedicated purely to athlete development.
  • Network with coaches and fellow candidates moving into the sports performance industry

30 Advanced Sport981 Workshops

Beginning where the knowledge and skills of the certifications end, these advanced workshops are firmly established as the ‘core’ component within the overall development of our aspiring coaches. A staggering 30 two hour workshops have been developed specifically to target key attributes and skills, which we believe are essential in the pursuit of becoming a well-rounded and successful strength and conditioning coach. Each small group workshop has been strategically placed within a syllabus so that they run in line with certification content to complement learning as a progressive way to continue building on your prior acquired knowledge. Topics and skills development in the latest methodologies associated with strength, speed, endurance, and movement are covered in depth, in addition to a host of additional specialist subjects such as LTAD, prehab and late stage rehab applications.

National Academy of Sports Medicine certificates;

Certified personal trainer (NASM CPT)

Performance enhancement specialist (NASM PES)

Corrective exercise specialist (NASM CES)

UK Strength and Conditioning Association Support

(Recognised by TASS and English Institute of Sport and many

professional teams)

The education only pathway provides UKSCA case study preparation and guidance only and does not include workshops or accreditation days. UKSCA workshops, exams and associated fees need to be arranged directly with the UKSCA.

Location Details

All  workshop  and  learning  will  be  held  at The Graham Sports Centre, Maiden Castle, Stockton Road, Durham, DH13SE.


The  programme  is  split  into  three  terms.

*Pre-term development/education days: Saturday/Sunday 14th & 15th September

Term  One:  Monday 7th October – Wednesday 13th December

Term  Two:  Monday 13th January –  Wednesday 12th March

Term Three:  Monday 21st April – Wednesday 18th June

Weekly 2 hour advanced workshops are held 4pm till 6pm on wednesdays.

To enhance learning and maximise the application of course text it is assumed all candidates will allocate additional time to distance learning/self study periods.

Education and Support Fees

Fees  can  be  paid  in  full, or in  manageable  instalments  throughout  the  course  duration.  Course  fees  include  all  workshops, course  materials, mentoring, assessments and exams.

Instalment option:

Available on request

( please see terms and conditions)

Total education fees £ 4400 

For an informal discussion and further information contact sport981 on 0115 9654841 or email