Testimonial from Dominic Hobdell (Mytennis 2011-12)

Absolutely loved the books, workshops, practical elements (both in the workshop and opportunity to develop in a real life elite environment). Personally I took a fairly large gamble doing the course this year as I only applied for it at the end of July and had to move from the Isle of Man to Nottingham with nowhere to live or a job lined up! I guess the biggest compliment I can give Simon & Sport981 is that it was very much worth it! Having done PT courses and degrees previously, this course offered a lot more in terms of learning, more individual support and the opportunity to gain work and experience whilst doing it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the year & have so far gained roles working within a college, Centre of Excellence and freelance work with individual athletes and finally feel confident in how to get the best out of them & go about giving them the best support and advice I can.