Testimonial from Holly Cornford, GB Senior Ice Hockey

HollyCornfordIce Hockey, Great Britain senior womens. Selected for the GB team for the previous world championships in France, and Olympic pre-qualifiers in China.

Theres not a part of my training with sport981 that i don’t enjoy. I know every stretch and exercise is completely tailored to what i need, and within weeks i see results. I have been lucky enough to train with sport981 for two years now, and the improvements i have seen in my performance on ice, and my injury management and prevention is astounding.

My strength and conditioning coach has had the ability to fine tune my programme to work on tiny aspects of my game, that make a huge difference. I not only know what i need to do in order to progress, but why and how this will affect my game, which i believe again benefits me.

The support provided by the sport 981 team is exactly what an athlete needs. I’m always in touch with my conditioning coach regarding my training, whether it is a question in relation to an exercise on my programme, or just to check on my progression. I couldn’t ask for more of sport 981; i appreciate their dedication and commitment in helping me become a better athlete.