Testimonial from Jamie Baker, Davis Cup Team

Baker75x75Great Britain Davis Cup Team, Professional Tennis

My first experience of sport981 was back in January 2008. At the time I had a world ranking of around 220 and in order to step up to the next level I felt I needed to become a more efficient athlete. In Sport981, I found gold dust. Within weeks, my flexibility and speed had improved out of sight. I felt loose and I felt fast. These thoughts were backed up by winning my first Davis Cup rubber in Argentina, followed by winning back to back pro tour titles in the USA.

My progress was then severely disrupted by a series of health issues and injuries. With the guidance of sport981, I have overcome a horrible 18 month period to emerge back into the worlds top 300 and GB Davis Cup team. Incredibly, I have still made measurable athletic gains during this period.

Sport981 leave no stone unturned. There is always a way to move things forward, no matter how many obstacles there are. Their stunning academic achievements in the area of physical training and development is backed up by relentless hard work. As an athlete, this gives me huge trust in what they do.