Windows of Trainability

Windows of Trainability

Windows of Trainability™ represents an innovative approach to athlete preparation, one that can be easily integrated into any system of training without imposing radical changes on a coach’s existing methodology. Omegawave’s approach centers on the concept that the amount of the load should not be the primary focus of the training process, but rather the timing of when the load is applied.
Synthesizing the extensive experience of leading coaches with multi-disciplinary scientific knowledge and research, Omegawave incorporated the Windows of Trainability™ approach into the Coach product in order to better analyze and predict how an athlete’s body adapts to training stimuli.

Utilizing the Windows of Trainability™ approach will allow for the optimization of the athlete’s training process by addressing and providing comprehensive answers to the fundamental dilemmas of coaching:
 Is the athlete ready for another workout, and at what volume and intensity?
 Which physical qualities – endurance, speed & power, strength, or coordination & skill – should be developed to produce the greatest training?
 How can the training process be optimized to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time and with the least amount of physiological cost?

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