Omegawave - Theory and Practice

Omegawave - Theory and Practice

The Omegawave Team System provides an innovative approach to athlete preparation, one that
can be incorporated into any type of training program without radically changing the existing
methodology or representing a threat to the coach’s intuition. Omegawave’s approach centers on
the concept that the type, volume, or intensity of the training load should not be the primary
focus, but rather the timing of when the load is applied (5).
Omegawave’s technology is a synthesis of extensive research in the fields of neurophysiology,
cardiovascular physiology, and exercise physiology. The concepts put forth by this manual are
an extension of training theories established over 60 years ago, concepts which in their current
application are meant to provide objective feedback for analyzing and predicting how athletes
are adapting to their training sessions (4).
This manual is designed to answer the following questions for users of the Omegawave Team

  • What foundation did modern training theory evolve from?
  • What is the science behind Omegawave?
  • What do all of these numbers actually mean?
  • How do I use this information to help guide the training process?

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