With cyclical funding based on senior results at key championships, National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) must consistently secure senior performances, whilst equally driving the development of the next generation of talent. Your long-term development plans need to ensure your athletes are able to match their athletic ability to their technical proficiency, and are robust enough to handle the additional loads encountered with the transition to senior competition.

  • Develop a financially viable programme of physical development that will meet the performance objectives of your sport at every level of your athlete pathway
  • Advance your athlete and organisation success through competency lead athletic coaching

Since our inception, Sport981 have successfully worked with individual athletes, NGB’s and Olympic sports programmes, to maximise athlete conversion to senior selection and sustain performance on the World Class Stage. Central to our success is our Integrated Performance Systems approach which incorporates innovation and solutions with our unique Sport981 Methodology and Competency Framework. We understand the requirements of every NGB are unique, from the performance model utilised, the location of the training cells, athlete access to coaching and facilities, and interdisciplinary coaching approaches. Our innovation and solutions team are dedicated to understanding your unique environmental, financial, participation, talent, and logistical constraints. They will develop a bespoke performance impacting service to ensure your investment is channelled into appropriate areas of expertise that match your specific performance requirements to the delivery skills needed.

Sport981 NGB Support Package

The Sport981 methodology provides a seamless integration of technical, tactical and physical development throughout your athlete pathway to:

  • Accelerate physical development and robustness
  • Advance sport specific skill
  • Minimise non-contact related injuries and lost training time

Vast variations in winning traits exist between sports. Add to this the biological variation between athletes, and the importance of having the right expertise in your coaching support team becomes clear. Our integrated strength and conditioning coaches will work in collaboration with your technical coaches to provide each athlete with the physicality required to increase their robustness and injury prevention status, whilst complimenting and advancing their sport specific skill.

We meet NGB strategic athletic objectives by providing effective long-term athlete development (LTAD) programmes to ensure your pathway athletes have the foundation to excel as senior podium athletes. Our method is underpinned by our competency framework which will provide you with the quality assurance that all our integrated performance coaches not only have the right technical knowledge and skills, but also understand the role and responsibility of their specific position so that they can blend seamlessly with other key departments.
As athletes’ age and maturation changes, so do the delivery skills associated with successful performance coaching. By prioritising coaching delivery we ensure that our practitioners deliver to your athletes in a way in which is relevant to their biological age and performance ability, enabling them to develop to their maximum potential.

Added Benefits:

• Truly interdisciplinary approach to developing the qualities your athletes need to win more
• Delivery matched to biological age and performance ability
• No need for ongoing recruitment campaigns
• Reduction of employment risk through our contract of service arrangements
• Our integrated Strength and Conditioning Course enhances programme expansion and the individualisation of athletic developments, without impacting on organisation finances

For more information on how our coaching programme could benefit the performance impact of your organisation, please contact