The benefits to all young people from being actively involved in sport reach far beyond the score line. By partnering with Sport981 your students can experience the same methodology which powers our professional athletes and teams, whilst learning how to lead healthier lives through inspirational coaching sessions.

School sport is where the journey begins for most athletes who go on to reach the highest echelons of sporting performance. The intricate balance between physical, technical, and tactical development exists more in age-group sport than anywhere else. Our unique methodology will accelerate the physical development of your athletes and their ability to acquire sports specific skills, whilst minimising the risk of non-contact soft tissue injuries.

The Sport981 integrated Performance System utilises an integrated approach to identify, nurture and develop your student athletes to their full potential, whilst providing opportunities to be trained in a high performance environment by World leading practitioners and Sport981 human performance coaches. Our service is designed to support the unique sports strategy and ethos of your school, and is delivered to your athletes in a way in which is relevant to their biological age and performance ability.

  • Nurture the development of talented athletes whilst balancing the academic requirements of education to give them the best progression in their chosen sport
  • Provide all students with genuine opportunity to enhance health through educational, inspirational practical coaching sessions
  • Enhance school recruitment and retention rates by partnering with an organisation that works with some of the best athletes and organisations in the country

Sport981 Student/School Athlete Support Package

Sport981 have an extensive track record of successfully providing integrated high performance support to schools. Integral to our bespoke service is our innovations and solutions team who will work with you to understand the needs of your school, students and parents; and provide a roadmap of support that will ensure you achieve your aims. Aligned to our integrated approach we can provide several key benefits to schools committed to providing the very best opportunities to their students.

  • Regular, transparent meetings with key managers and solution team experts in order to continually update and innovate your project.
  • A full suite of interdisciplinary workshops targeted towards athletes and parents to enhance the health, lifestyle and performance of your students
  • Workshops aimed at technical coaches and school staff to unify the backroom performance team.
  • Sport 981 certifications to existing school staff to align methodology and unify the decision making and practical coaching process

Sport981 strength and conditioning coaches will be provided to work onsite with your athletes and students’ on a daily basis, saving you time, money and the uncertainty of external recruitment. Competency of coaching is a particularly important aspect of successful school programmes. All of our staff are aligned to our competency framework and believe in our principles of performance, understand our method, and are competent to deliver the service that meets the needs of our student athletes. By Partnering with Sport981, you can be assured the delivery coaching team will have proven track records of gaining performance and lifestyle developments with fun and enjoyable coaching sessions.

Our team will integrate seamlessly with your existing network of sports teachers and technical coaches, contributing to the development of truly team oriented development plans. You will gain flexibility in your service delivery, expertise, and a team of practitioners dedicated to reaching your school ambitions.

  • With a competency framework that has the scope of practice to develop winning potential with junior athletes through to current professional athletes, you can be sure that your team will be capable and experienced in obtaining your goals

To find out how Sport981’s Integrated Performance System can maximise your competitive Sports potential and pupil experience, please contact 0115 9654841