University performance culture is hard fought and easily lost. With hundreds of athletes cycling through academic programmes every 3 years, gaining success and longevity of success is the primary focus for Universities who wish to enhance their position in the British Universities and College Sport (BUCS) table.

  • Sport981 have extensive experience of successfully partnering with Universities to help advance BUCS ranking and the student athletic experience.

Utilising the Sport981 integrated performance systems successfully implemented by professional academies and NGB’s to develop champions of the future, we can provide universities with an unrivalled level of service to enhance the student athletes’ winning potential.

Develop Your Winning Strategy

Each university is unique, with its own set of challenges to overcome in order to achieve long- term performance aspirations. Internal delivery systems, facility arrangements, performance budget, coaching methodology and recruitment processes can all impact game-day success, and the opportunity to accrue valuable BUCS points. With over a decade of experience in academic sport, we are familiar with the unique constraints that exist around academic performance pathways and understand what is required to create an effective high performance strategy that will get results for your university.

The Sport981 innovations and solutions team will draw upon expertise and experience from the world of high performance sport and work with your senior management teams and existing department leads to create a strategy that meets your specific sporting ambitions. Our team will seamlessly integrate into your organisational structure with the sole purpose of creating a sustainable system designed to achieve long-term results, unaffected by the three year student life-cycle.

  • The Sport981 innovations and solutions team will work with your unique performance constraints to produce a strategy that will meet your specific sporting ambitions whilst maximising your winning potential

Implement Your Game-Plan

With such a diverse range of sports, ages and abilities housed within a University sports programme, a comprehensive approach is required to enhance the student experience and create winning potential. To achieve true performance gains across such a spectrum of athletes and sports, the programme type and delivery method must be truly adaptive and sensitive to the needs of aspiring future elite athletes, as well as their more academically focussed team mates.

When you partner with Sport981, you will benefit from our integrated performance methodology which has been successfully applied to 1000’s of student athletes representing all levels of the performance pathway. We will bring our successful methodology to your site and integrate our delivery skills into an existing team, in addition to providing integrated strength and conditioning coaches to develop the qualities your athletes need to win, and bring your game plan to life. All Sport981 coaches are aligned to our competency framework to ensure they can deliver the Sport981 methodology to your athletes, whilst uniting your interdisciplinary back room staff and coaching teams.

  • Your athletes will benefit from the same methods successfully applied to professional athletes and teams
  • The Sport981 methodology will allow all your athletes to advance their performance attributes, regardless of their current training and sports skill status
  • Your athletes will achieve measurable, targeted and specific performance gains, fully integrated with their technical development goals
  • Your athletes will develop robustness through a comprehensive movement and injury prevention approach, minimising lost training time and maximising team selection
  • Sport981 Integrated performance specialists can deliver certifications and workshops to unite back room staff practices to maximise performance impact on game day

Additional Benefits

Attracting the Best – Developing a Strong Recruitment Process

Partnering with a Professional Sports performance provider can be a powerful recruitment tool when attracting performance pathway and professional athletes to your institute. Whether you wish to focus your recruitment strategy around international and local recruitment, partnering with NGB’s and local professional clubs, or on identifying your university as a leading provider of a specific sport, we can help maximise your recruitment offerings and success. Our experience of producing and developing high performance athletes will provide your partners with the assurance that while competing for your institute, athlete’s will continue to advance physical preparation, robustness and resilience, further developing sports careers and winning potential.

  • Attract Performance pathway and professional athletes to your university with inclusion of Sport981 professional services integrated within your scholarship packages
  • Use our background and staff expertise to attract and develop NGB or local professional club partnerships
  • Utilise Sport981 methodology and knowhow to produce and gain national recognition as a university specialising and excelling in specific sport types
  • Use Sport981 expertise and training competency for open days and trials to provide athletes with a true taste of targeted, specific, performance centred training

To find out how Sport981’s Integrated Performance System can maximise your BUCS winning potential and student experience, please call 0115 9654841