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Integrated Strength and Conditioning Coach (iSCC) - LIVE

iSCC-(without-sheen)-webThis is the programme of choice for individuals who want to embark on a successful career in high performance sport as a strength and conditioning coach.

The iSCC Live combines the advanced knowledge, decision making and coaching skills attained within the iSCC certificate with live guided practical coaching experience in a high performance environment.

Ideally suited to sports graduates (BSc or MSc), physiotherapists, personal trainers, and retiring professional and elite athletes, this programme will develop best practice coaching methodology and skill sets through a competency-based approach to career development.


  • Learn Sport981 industry leading , Integrated performance methodology (master degree level)
  • Shadow and learn from leading UK strength and conditioning professionals, sports physiotherapists, and coaches.
  •  Develop technical and practical conditioning skills through a mixture of theoretical and practical coaching environments
  • Gain experience with performance squads across a range of sport types
  • Get hands on with performance pathway and senior GB athletes
  • Learn and become qualified with the highest regarded qualifications in the health and fitness and strength and conditioning industries
  •  Develop your physical and technical application by training in purpose built High Performance Centres
  • Enhance your CV and future employability through increased work experience and advanced conditioning certifications
  • Become an accredited Sport981 integrated Strength and Conditioning Coach (iSCC)
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and experience needed for a successful career in the strength and conditioning industry

The iSCC Live is underpinned by the successful methodology of elite athlete preparation used by Sport981.

Graduate Success

To date, the iSCC Live has been successful in launching the careers of numerous professional S&C coaches across a wide range of high performance sports:


graduates have gained employment as a professional strength and conditioning coach 


graduates have gained roles as a professional strength and conditioning coaches with Sport981 


graduates moved into related fields: PT coaches, PTI armed forces, Sport Agents, Fitness & performance managers, Physio’s, Sports scientists, Lecturers

Data accurate from the start of the course till 2014

Programme Origin and Evolution

The iSCC certificate was driven by a need to ensure that all Sport981 coaches are competent to the standard required to make a difference in the arena of high performance sport. Consequently, the programme was originally designed as an internal training system dedicated to one objective:

  • Develop strength and conditioning coaches who possess the necessary coaching and interdisciplinary skills to impact performance with athletes in all stages of the sporting pathway.

The iSCC certificate was developed from the ground up to not only meet, but to surpass industry requirements. All of our staff believe in our principles of performance, understand our methodology, and are competent to deliver the service that meets the needs of our clients. To maximise the effectiveness of the coach development process, and the attainment of the skill sets required, it was necessary to step away from conventional academic lead approaches and design our programmes to integrate knowledge in an applied context. The Integrated Strength and Conditioning Coach Live programme was born.
Transfer was the key to the success of the early programmes; transferable knowledge, transferable coaching skills, and transferable experiences, and has maintained the efficacy of the programme to date. Since its formation, 16 graduates have been successful in obtaining strength and conditioning roles with Sport981 after completion of their Certification. Demand for the programme as a viable pathway into the strength and conditioning industry soon outstripped our demand for additional personnel, and the official iSCC Live has been running ever since.

For over a decade, the Sport981 iSCC Live has continued to evolve alongside the Sport981 methodology used in our high performance environments. Each year sees additional competency led developments which differentiate our graduates from the rest of the strength and conditioning field, and ensure they are truly prepared to successfully transition into high performance coaching roles.
Additional Information about the iSCC:

  • Designed to create strength and conditioning coaches who possess the integrated skill sets needed to advance the performance abilities of athlete populations
  •  Multifactorial learning pathway, developed to create the most effective learning environment for aspiring strength and conditioning coaches
  • Established career pathway – field tested, successful and recognised in the industry

Programme Structure and Content

The iSCC Live runs for a period on 9-12 months dependent upon the sport type and seasonal demands. You will be placed within an applied environment with one of our performance partners (more details will be provided on application). The programme follows a modular structure with each module delving deeper into the methodology used at Sport981, building sequentially on the skills and knowledge in a systematic, progressive manner. Among other specialist areas you will develop coaching skills that improve athletic:

  • Game speed
  • Game strength
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Agility
  • Movement Principles
  • Restoration and recovery (individualised adaption to training stress)

You will become competent in your observation skills, data interpretation, and understanding of the psychology of effective coaching. In addition, you will gain confidence in individual and group delivery, whilst operating as part of an interdisciplinary approach to modern day high performance sport.

You will gain:

  • Insights behind the scenes with live practical application with Elite performance pathway athletes / academy / and professional playing squads
  • Experience in using equipment and technology you will find in elite strength and conditioning clubs and institutes.

Academic programme content is set at University masters degree level, whilst your applied coaching practice will be undertaken with high performance athletes, teams and coaches. At every step of the way you will be guided by your tutors who are performance enhancement specialists, currently coaching in an applied context.

You will gain:

  • Effective interdisciplinary approaches to performance enhancement
  • Effective integrated methods that you can apply to athletes in all sports and at all skill mastery levels
  • Experience that improves your decision making and problem solving abilities
  • Mentoring that enhances your ability to make positive changes with your athletes that will improve their winning potential
  • Personal and professional skills needed in order to thrive in high performance environments
  • Facilitated skills and knowledge for accrediting bodies: NSCA, UKSCA, ASCA


On successful completion of the iSCC and associated exams, graduates will be awarded:

  • iSCC Certification: Successful graduates upon passing exams and demonstrating competency will become a Sport981 Certified Integrated Strength And Conditioning Coach (iSCC)

Additional International Certifications:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES
  • Continued education points/units for NSCA accredited coaches

Added Benefits

For successful graduates, the Sport981 Integrated Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification will enhance your opportunity to work across all sport types, with athletes of every age and level of skill mastery. Whether you are coaching groups or individuals, have state of the art facilities to your disposal, or are constrained by limited equipment, the competency in coaching practice developed through this programme will enable you and your athletes to excel


Fundamental to your development as a competent coach is regular face to face mentoring. The progression of interpersonal skills, decision making and application of coaching simply cannot be done effectively online. Applied learning, in-context with athletes and coaches, is fundamental to the overall coaching process and interwoven into workshops and live coaching arenas on a weekly basis.

Syllabus Format

The syllabus allows continuity of development with tutors who can integrate all aspects of the programme. This facilitates a deeper level of discussion than could be attained through individual and segregated workshops.

Programme Design

No short cuts – immersing yourself in the Sport981 methodology over the duration of the programme is required to learn and develop the necessary industry skills. Competency is a process, an evolution, and evolution takes time. The time required has been balanced against lifestyle needs and your commitments to your coaching career, your income and social needs.

Coach Tutors

Our tutors are World Leading performance coaches who are at the forefront of developing individual athletes and teams from across the performance pathway. In addition to their coaching abilities, all course tutors have undergone a formal tutoring programme with Sport981 so they have the necessary skills to help the next generation of performance coaches.

Entry requirements

  • Relevant professional or elite athlete experience
  • Existing personal trainer qualifications to minimum REPS level 3
  • Relevant sports science related degree
  • Sport981 Strength and Conditioning Workshop Series Certificate (desirable)
  • Price on Application

Application Process

Stage 1 – CV application

Stage 2 – invitation to attend an experience day – meet the coaches, look at the training facilities, experience integrated training, individual programme content discussion with tutors and individual Q&A (Case Study)

Stage 3 – Placement offer