Integrated Strength and Conditioning Coach - Mentorship



The Integrated Strength and Conditioning Coach (iSCC) Mentorship is designed for individuals already coaching but wish to advance their knowledge and career opportunities in the field of Strength and Conditioning for high performance sport.

The iSCC mentorship utilises all of the advanced workshops, certificates, knowledge, decision making and coaching skills from our successful iSCC certificate and combines this with a dedicated personal mentor. Your personal mentor will work with you to help facilitate your application of knowledge in to your current field of practice to ensure success.


Course Overview

The iSCC Mentorship is ideally suited to:

  • High performance athletes wanting to pursue a strength and conditioning career post-retirement in their dedicated sport
  • Strength and conditioning coaches and Personal trainers actively involved in coaching and dedicated to developing their practice and client results

The Integrated Strength and Conditioning Coach Mentorship guides your application of the successful methodology used by Sport981 for athletes and clubs competing in the biggest sports events in the world. To date, the programme has been successful in advancing careers across both the Strength and conditioning, and Health and fitness industries.

Programme Origin and Evolution

Both health and fitness, and strength and conditioning industries have expanded significantly in recent years. More coaches than ever are actively involved in supporting athletic preparation, or client goal attainment. To meet the growing number of inquiries received from athletes and coaches in the industry, we launched the Integrated Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification in 2004.

Derived from the highly successful Sport981 Integrated Strength and Conditioning Coach (iSCC) Certification, the iSCC mentorship format creates the ideal programme for those coaches and trainers who want to develop their knowledge, and apply the Sport981 winning methodology directly to their own athletes and clients.

  • Designed to provide application focused knowledge and integrated coaching skills to advance performance for athletes and clients
  • Multifactorial learning pathway, developed to create the most effective learning environment so coaches can apply information immediately
  • Mentored guidance from a Sport981 Integrated Strength and Conditioning Specialist, to ensure you are developing as a coach and applying information effectively to your athlete populations.
  • Established career pathway – field tested, successful and recognised in the industry.

Course Content

Academic course content is set at University masters degree level and at every step of the way you will be guided by your tutors who are performance enhancement specialists, currently coaching in an applied context.

You will gain:

  • Effective interdisciplinary approaches to performance enhancement
  • Effective integrated methods that you can apply to athletes across sports and skill mastery levels
  • Application focused knowledge that improves your decision making and problem solving abilities
  • Mentoring that enhances your ability to make positive changes with your athletes and clients.
  • Personal and professional skills needed to advance your coaching career in the strength and conditioning and personal training industry.

Each module delves deeper into the methodology used at Sport981, building sequentially on the skills and knowledge in a systematic, progressive manner. You will gain experience in using equipment and technology found in elite strength and conditioning clubs and institutes. Amongst other specialist areas you will also develop coaching skills that improve athletic:

  • Game speed
  • Game strength
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Agility
  • Movement Principles
  • Restoration and recovery (individualised adaption to training stress)

You will become competent in your observation skills, data interpretation, and understanding of the psychology of effective coaching. The programme content and learning syllabus is constantly evolving and developing to ensure Sport981 graduate coaches have the best opportunity to succeed in their chosen field.


On successful completion of the iSCC mentorship graduates will be awarded:

  • iSCC Certification: Successful graduates upon passing exams and demonstrating competency will become a Sport981 Certified Integrated Strength and Conditioning Coach (iSCC)

Additional International Certifications:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
  • Continued education points/units for NSCA accredited coaches
  • Enhanced skills and knowledge for accrediting bodies: NSCA, UKSCA, ASCA


Fundamental to your development as a competent coach is regular face to face mentoring. The progression of interpersonal skills, decision making and application of coaching simply cannot be done effectively online.

Integral to the application focused certification is the ability of coaches to use their new coaching skills with their existing athletes and clients. With a depth of experience in applying integrated strength and conditioning coaching across a broad spectrum of athletes and clients, your mentor will be on hand throughout your certification to ensure you have the best opportunity of putting your skills into practice.

Syllabus Format

The syllabus allows continuity of development with tutors who can integrate all aspects of the programme. This facilitates a deeper level of discussion than could be attained through individual and segregated workshops.

Programme Design

No short cuts – immersing yourself in the Sport981 methodology over the duration of the programme is required to learn and develop the necessary industry skills. Competency is a process, an evolution, and evolution takes time. The time required has been balanced against lifestyle needs and your commitments to your coaching career, your income and social needs.

Coach Tutors

Our tutors are World Leading performance coaches who are at the forefront of developing individual athletes and teams from across the performance pathway. In addition to their coaching abilities, all course tutors have undergone a formal tutoring programme with Sport981 so they have the necessary skills to help the next generation of performance coaches.

Entry requirements

  • Relevant professional or elite athlete experience
  • Existing personal trainer qualifications to minimum REPS level 3
  • Relevant sports science related degree
  • Sport981 Foundations of integrated performance training (desirable)
  • Price on Application