About the Workshop


Speed is critical for most athletes and will often separate those that train from those that deliver. Consequently, speed elements appear in most training cycles. This one-day workshop will arm you with the science, observational skill and coach-ability of key acceleration, maximal velocity and plyometric methods that you can immediately use with a range of athletes.






  • The science of speed
  • The science underpinning plyometric methods of training
  • Practical coaching of a progressive range of plyometric exercises
  • Understand key acceleration and maximal velocity characteristics in sport not just track!
  • Acceleration characteristics – observation skill and drills
  • Constant velocity running – observational skill and drills
  • Safety considerations for plyometrics, acceleration and constant velocity running

Coaches will be able to:

  • Effectively demonstrate a range of progressive plyometric exercises
  • Observe dysfunctional movements within plyometric exercises
  • Develop coaching strategies to improve the performance of athletes training at different levels of plyometric activity.
  • Demonstrate a range of acceleration exercises
  • Observe gross dysfunctional aspects of acceleration and have coaching strategies and drills to aid performance.
  • Demonstrate key characteristics of constant velocity running
  • Observe gross dysfunctional aspects of constant velocity running and have coaching strategies and drills to aid performance.
  • Tailor plyometric, acceleration and constant speed running drills to a range of athletes and abilities.