One of the most challenging areas of modern day high performance sport is how to consistently develop players that can make the successful transition into senior sport and excel.  Consistently producing a cohort of athletes, as opposed to one or two individuals, is a mark of success of the coaching and long term athlete development programme.  Sport981 have a proven track record of providing integrated performance training solutions to professional sports academies, maximising athlete conversion to senior selection and professional contracts.

We understand that each professional academy is different in terms of the constraints and dynamics which impact performance. To be successful, our service is designed to support the ethos of your club and meet your athlete’s needs and performance objectives. The Sport981 human performance team will work collaboratively with your athletes, coaches, and management teams, to create a truly bespoke service that will maximise the impact and performance results of your academy.

Applying the Sport981 methodology

The intricate balance between physical, technical, and tactical development exists more in the academy structure than anywhere else, and getting this balance right will provide athletes the best opportunity to turn pro. With this focus in mind, our methodology provides a seamless integration of technical and physical development, where the physical development of your athletes aids their ability to acquire sports specific skills. Whilst a large proportion of non-contact soft tissue injuries can be reduced in this way, we will also work seamlessly with your medical teams to enhance the robustness of your athletes and their ability to recover.

  • Create seamless integration of technical, tactical and physical development
  • Accelerate the physical development of your athletes and their ability to enhance sport specific skills and physical robustness
  • Reduce non-contact related injuries and lost training time
  • Deliver to your athletes in a way in which is relevant to their biological age and performance ability

Careful consideration is given to long term development to ensure your athletes have the foundation to excel in more demanding professional environments. During junior stages of development we will work in unison with your technical coach’s, and apply our methodology to provide an optimal platform for learning complex skills. Towards the later stages of development, the physical support for technical development increasingly turns to support tactical intention, and developing winning strategies to positively influence game play.

Our integrated methodology allows our coaching teams to work across all sport types. Since 2004, our performance methodology has been successfully applied across a mixture of skill biased and physical sport bases to consistently create senior selection options and professional careers.

Applying the Sport981 competency framework

As athletes’ age and maturation changes, so do the delivery skills associated with successful performance coaching. Our competency framework ensures that our practitioners deliver to your athletes in a way in which is relevant to their biological age and performance ability. By prioritising coaching delivery we provide an athlete focused process, a process which allows all of your athletes to develop to their maximum potential.