“Go beyond sports preparation; work on your winning potential”

Professional Sport is a global business and the competition is fierce. The Sport981 integrated performance system has enabled us to revolutionise how professional athletes prepare to win. We now work with an extensive portfolio of professional athletes from football, rugby, motor sports, extreme sports, and combat sports, and are extremely proud that this has been built from word of mouth. Every one of our professional athletes has approached us because of the performance impact we have had on other athletes in their sport. They continue to work with us because they have experienced first-hand the impact of our programmes on their injury status, selection, contract worth, and even career longevity. Like the many sports professionals who already trust us to safeguard their careers, you too can back yourself with the same independent team of human performance specialists at Sport981.

The Service:

You are competing in one of the world’s most demanding working environments, and our professional coaching service will identify and then develop the qualities you need to win in that environment. Our integrated methodology provides a comprehensive approach to uncover your winning potential and will focus on:

  • Your unique physiology and genetic predisposition
  • Your ability to recover and adapt
  • Your nutritional status
  • Your physical performance abilities
  • Your performance mind-set

Bespoke Approach:

Our bespoke approach offers flexibility in how and where we deliver your coaching programme, either at our performance facilities or at a venue and location of your choice. Whilst complimenting any existing training programmes and support, our specialist performance coaches will create an individualised game-plan that will:

  • Develop critical winning qualities
  • Enhance robustness, resilience and career longevity
  • Enhance your ability to consistently perform over long competitive schedules
  • Improve chances of team selection
  • Reduce reoccurring injuries
  • Enhance profitability

We are your trusted independent source of performance enhancement and will support you from your first professional contract or senior competition, through to your testimonial and beyond.

For more information on how our professional coaching programme could benefit your career and performance potential, please contact the team on 0115 9654841